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We know how stressful it is when there is no hot water in the house.  No showers, no bathing, no washing the dishes so we understand the need for a fast and responsive hot water repair service.  Our professional plumbers are on call 24/7 so you can rely on our team to help you when you need us.

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Gas Hot Water Systems Adelaide

Gas is a popular choice for hot water systems in Adelaide.  Gas hot water systems are cheaper than their electric counterparts and as gas prices are cheaper than electric they are often cheaper to run.  Our licensed plumbers carry a range of spares for gas hot water systems and use tried and trusted brands for replacement units such as Rinnai, Rheem, Stievel Eltron, Bosch and Thermann.

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Continuous Flow And Storage Heaters

Every home in Adelaide is fitted with a hot water system which will be either a continuous flow or storage heater system


Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Continuous flow systems also known as instantaneous hot water systems, deliver hot water on demand exactly when you need it.  Water is passed through a heat exchanger which instantly heats it, so there’s no need for bulky storage tanks or cylinders to take up space at your home.  Instantaneous systems are ideal for families, sports centres and commercial applications as they provide limitless hot water 24/7.

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Storage Heaters

Storage heaters provide hot water from a tank and the capacity of the tank governs how much hot water is available at any one time.  Water inside the tank is heated and stored ready for use but the disadvantage of this system is that once the tank is empty, you need to wait for the tank to fill and reheat so you may be without hot water for a couple of hours.  Storage heaters are a great solution for smaller families and come in a range of sizes.  Our professional plumbers can advise you on the best tank size for your needs to ensure enough hot water is available when needed.

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electric hot water

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric water heaters are ideal for homes without a gas connection.  Whilst electric hot water systems come in both continuous flow and storage units, continuous flow systems are particularly suitable for kitchens and commercial applications like cafes and restaurants where only a limited amount of water is needed.  Where larger volumes of hot water are required a storage tank up to 250 litres or a heat pump is recommended for optimal efficiency.

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Technical Expertise You Can Rely On

Our licensed plumber’s service, repair and install replacement electric hot water systems of all makes and models.  With over 20 years in plumbing, we know hot water systems inside out and pride ourselves on our technical expertise.  Our friendly plumbers can answer all your questions and give you expert advice if you are considering converting your hot water from electric to gas.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Environmentally Friendly Solar Hot Water

Whilst solar hot water systems are more expensive to install than gas or electric systems, they can dramatically reduce your power bills and are a lean, clean and environmentally friendly heating option.  Solar hot water systems work year-round as they have a backup gas or electric booster to heat water on cooler and overcast days.

Types Of Solar Hot Water

There are two types of solar hot water systems – close-coupled and split systems.   Both systems use a storage tank but close-coupled systems have both the panels and tank located on the roof, whilst split systems have the solar on the roof and the water storage tank at ground level making them suitable for two-storey homes.  Our expert plumbers offer solar electric hot water servicing, repairs or replacement systems so you’ll always have an efficient hot water supply.

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Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat pumps are a highly efficient method of heating water for the home. They are a great replacement for electric hot water systems as they require no gas connection and are up to 66% cheaper to run than standard electric hot water systems.  Heat pumps draw in the ambient heat from the surrounding air, which is then absorbed by a refrigerant.  The refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor which causes a dramatic increase in temperature.  The hot refrigerant is then distributed around the tank heating the water.

If you want to talk about high-efficiency electric hot water units, call the team at Connekt Plumbing.  We stay up to date with all the latest innovations and technical developments so we can help you make savings on your power bills.

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