We’re a quality-focused commercial plumbing company based in Adelaide specialising in hydraulic services installations and maintenance within the construction, hospitality and commercial industries. We also have extensive experience in diagnosing and maintaining these sorts of systems for our clients. The scope of our business operations includes:

  • Commercial & Industrial Hydraulic, Stormwater & Fire Protection Projects
  • Commercial & Industrial Trade Waste Solutions
  • Commercial & Residential Hydronic Heating Solutions
  • Mechanical Piping Systems
  • Commercial Plumbing Service & Programmed Maintenance

Our capabilities range from early planning and design, feasibility studies, value management, construction, project management, preventative maintenance plumbing and emergency call-out service plumbing. Often it is possible to avoid the issues that can arise from a plumbing system if proper consideration is taken during these initial stages.

We can assist in all these areas either through our internal knowledge or through our extensive local network of trusted suppliers and contractors also based in Adelaide.

Our experienced staff, capabilities and effective quality and safety management systems allow us to provide an efficient turnkey solution, adding value to our client’s projects and operations portfolios.

We are not just a plumbing company that will provide you a short-term solution. We are a group of experienced professionals who will consult with you on the best solution for not only your present situation, but one that will serve your organisation into the future.

about connekt


At Connekt Plumbing, we’re firm believers in the quality over quantity approach. This allows us to effectively manage quality and safety, optimising our output in a safe manner and ensuring we exceed our client’s expectations, every time.

High quality standards and effective safe practices are at the forefront of our company values, we also pride ourselves on the following three points:



Ensuring that we keep in touch and make use of the most modern equipment and materials available to us, not only from within our domestic market but from around the globe. Time set aside to explore efficiencies through innovation sets us apart from our competition.



Our material selection processes involve a series of checks to ensure compliance with local regulatory authorities, end-user performance requirements and our own internal quality standards. Suppliers and manufacturers are analysed for product availability, ground support, technical support, reputation, past projects and warranty offered. This approach, together with plumbing installations to the highest of quality standards ensures that our plumbing systems stand the test of time and outlast our competitors.



Client expectation is at the forefront of our operation and decision making processes. We understand that communication plays an important role in delivering success and put great emphasis in identifying and managing our stakeholders through all phases of a project or installation.


The Connekt Plumbing team is driven by a 3-tier management structure that is directly monitored by the business’s owner. Our structure provides essential support to all our office and site team members, allowing us to effectively manage performance and successfully deliver.

Matthew J. Kirkbride
Matthew J. Kirkbride Grad Cert. Ap Pgmt, Cert. IV Building & Construction, Cert. IV Plumbing & Services

“Acknowledge who you were yesterday, and better on that today”

Title: Managing Director
Years in industry: 20

Our Managing Director Matt is an experienced hydraulic services professional with a trade background and solid understanding of how building projects are designed and constructed. When it comes to specialised trade construction management, there’s not much that he hasn’t seen. His accumulated industry experience comprises roles as a Tradesman, Supervisor, Project Manager and Business Manager.

Matt’s qualifications range from plumbing trade services, building & construction, broader project management and business competencies.

Visit Matt’s LinkedIn profile for comprehensive career insight.



TQCSI Safety Certified
TQCSI Quality Certified