“Connekt Plumbing have been engaged on several specialised projects of mine, including a day surgery and a R&D/ manufacturing complex. The latter was design and construct, where there understanding of the principal performance requirements, relevant standards, and value management through design development proved invaluable in securing the project. The management staff are professional, accessible, and have great problem solving abilities. The site team are very experienced, and have the ability to drive program whilst maintaining quality control. I could not recommend Connekt Plumbing highly enough, no matter the size or nature of the project.”

Ben Armstrong – Project Manager, Centina Commercial

“Hydraulic works can be a complex and time consuming component of any construction project. Since working with Connekt Plumbing we have seen this process simplified on several projects. Connekts experience and input during the design/construction process has enabled resolution of complex details and has relaxed project co-ordination. Most notably, they have shown enthusiasm toward their work and set the benchmark for other services trades on site. Highly recommended!”

James Zoina – Project Manager, Buildtec

“I reached out to Connekt Plumbing for our biggest construction project to date. Their reputation spoke volumes and they didn’t disappoint. They were the new kids on the block with a fresh and knowledgeable attitude I was looking for. The tender process, their on-site professional mannerism via their dedicated site manager or their RFI’s and or ITP’s were absolutely what we were looking for, and has won them our next tender as well. Connekt Plumbing are a valuable part of our program and I look forward too many more projects together.”

Frank Neis – Project Manager, Formeprojex

“Connekt Plumbing are a company that I would most definitely like to work with again. My experience with working with Connekt is limited to only one project so far, however, during this time they showed great professionalism in everything they did, from administration and paper work to performance and attitude of the workers on site. The communication lines are always open and honest and I commend them for that. If there are any issues on site or with the documentation they are always there to help and provide a solution to the issues. It is also pleasing to see that the staff on site have enthusiasm about their jobs which speaks volumes about how they are managed and treated.”

Harry Orlovic – Project Manager, Mossop Constructions + Interiors

“Connekt Pluming have been a fantastic addition to the Forme Projex family helping us deliver our everhigh standard of workmanship on our award-winning projects. Their knowledge and willingness to solve problems throughout the design and construction phase, meet deadlines and their overall quality workmanship is unsurpassed and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”

David Caporaletti – Project Manager, Formeprojex

“SHAPE have worked with Connekt Plumbing across several projects in Adelaide, there is no doubt they provide outstanding service throughout the tender and construction phase. Everyone at Connekt has been extremely helpful and proactive in all areas. On site they provide great service, workmanship is fantastic and safety is always paramount aligning with SHAPE’s values. We would have no hesitation recommending Connekt for future projects and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Alyce Read – Project Manager, SHAPE

“Connekt Plumbing provide a professional service ensuring a quality service is provided and completed to a high standard and execution every time. Their team’s knowledge and experience ensure all projects are delivered within budget and timeframes as required and would highly recommend Connekt as a valuable asset to any project.”

Will Lambert – Project Manager, FDC

“The Connekt team have played a large role in assisting us complete a complex CSSD project by adapting to significant scope and time changes. The proactive approach by both the site and office team has ensured a smooth delivery of the project. We are looking forward to continue working with the Connekt team on projects to come.”

Kara Cursaro – Project Manager, SHAPE

“Buildtec has relied on the prompt response and excellent service provided by Connekt Plumbing since 2016. It is a pleasure to deal with a results driven team who are always extremely thorough, courteous and knowledgeable in their approach to providing fast, efficient and personalised service. We don’t hesitate to recommend Connekt Plumbing.”

Michael Carrocci – Director, Buildtec




Completed in early 2021, this multi-story office building contained sanitary amenities to each floor and a Siphonic downpipe system taking receipt of stormwater water from roof & balconies outlets.



Completed in early 2021, this multi-story apartment building comprised 51 apartments over 8 levels, with a café on the ground floor. The sanitary drainage design servicing all upper level plumbing was fully vented modified and the hot water plant was centralized gas fired.



Completed in late 2020, this staged project consisted of a new Emergency Department and CSSD upgrade. Tight project management with use of BIM model was required to coordinate services within tight ceiling spaces.



Completed in October 2019, the Mt Barker Environmental project was an extension of the existing operational Mt Barker Council waste water treatment plant. The new facility contains new office buildings, a workshop, truck bays and plant storage shedding. Reuse of retainedstormwater via large roof and ground catchment areaswas of importance to the client, requiringclose collaboration with the Council’sEngineer and facility managers on the configuration of holding tanks and balancing of pipework.


Our approach to project management sets us apart from our competition. We adopt systematic techniques that not only address project profitability, but also appreciate a project’s unique scope, time and compliance requirements. Our collaborative approach towards the management of our projects filters from management through to site, ensuring all staff understand each unique facet of the project.

At Connekt, we appreciate that not all projects are straight forward, however, “where there is a problem, there is a solution”, a simple statement but one we always revert back to, even in the most testing of circumstances. We’re here to work with our clients and suppliers, not against. We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach, which includes seeking out effective and compliant outcomes, and ultimately delivering success.

Scope of Project Operations:

The scope of our project operations includes:

  • Commercial & Industrial Hydraulic Services
  • Commercial & Industrial Trade Waste Applications
  • Commercial & Industrial Stormwater Drainage Systems
  • Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel Protection Systems
  • Mechanical Piping Systems
  • Commercial & Residential Hydronic Heating Solutions

Project Applications:

Our collective in-house experience, together with our strong network of industry professionals and supply merchants provide our projects with a broad range of in-depth experience and knowledge, catering for all aspects of hydraulic, stormwater and wet fire services applications. We pride ourselves on an analytic approach to all technical related issues, ensuring compliant and efficient outcomes for all project stakeholders.

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High Rise Apartment & Office Towers

We consider ourselves to be apartment building experts! Collectively, we have been involved in and successfully delivered some of Adelaide’s most iconic apartment buildings. We’re in touch with current apartment and high density pricing structures, including use of the most innovative and efficient materials available in our marketplace.

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Technical Applications

Technical applications are our specialty, they’re what our business thrives on. These include, but are not limited to childcare centres, schools, medical & health care facilities, government projects, warehouses & industrial and so on. Project management here is essential, including the preparation and execution of quality management systems that address scope and assist in delivering to client expectation. We can cater for all pre-designed and design & construct technical applications.

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Commercial Refurbs & Refits

Demanding, reactive and fast moving. Commercial refurbishment & fitouts are not for the faint hearted. Our small contracts team are setup to cater for these “ in an out” applications, while still maintaining our high regard for safety and quality.

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Connekt Design & Planning

“Planning for any project or installation must be upfront and accurate. You get that right, you give your team the best opportunity to deliver success.”

Matt Patton, Project Manager at Connekt Plumbing Pty Ltd



Modern day projects are quite often unique in design, raising logistical challenges that require significant forward thinking, coordination and planning to effectively address compliance and execute installation onsite. Our design team is capable of assisting from the very early initiation stages of a project or installation, right through to post tender value management, construction coordination and post installation documentation.

An appreciation for technology in construction design is essential for any modern-day construction business. We’re up to date and experienced in standard AutoCAD, Bluebeam Revu, Autodesk Revit 3D modelling, together with clash detection tools and much more. Time aside frequently researching areas of technology in construction design sets us apart from our competition and provides value to our clients and their projects.


Coordination of design and approvals with different authorities can be a strenuous and lengthy task, often delaying different stages of a project if underestimated and requirements have not been adequately addressed. We understand this process and adopt a systematic approach to address all related approvals and local authority related compliance. Whether involvement in the early project design phase or taking over from a design team prior to construction, we’ll ensure that all trade related matters have been addressed and approvals are in place, prior to commencement of works onsite.

Connekt Systems

“Work, Health & Safety is the responsibility of everyone, and all of the staff at Connekt Plumbing appreciate that.”


The nature of the construction industry and its risks to the health and welfare of our workforces and the greater public can be extreme, having catastrophic consequences. We appreciate this, adopting safety and environmental systems that are effective, comply with legislative requirements and are tailored to each unique site. Frequent collaboration with our site workforce ensures our systems remain consistent with our operations, creating awareness and reducing the likelihood of incidents and hazardous situations from occurring.

We collectively create project specific systems that suit our own activities and requirements; however, we also understand that head contractors and client organisations have their own responsibilities as a PCBU under the Work Health and Safety Act, and they too have auditing processes that need to be understood and addressed. We have put our systems to the test with numerous reputable commercial builders and organisations, receiving great feedback from safety officers and safety representatives a like.


TQCSI Quality CertifiedQUALITY

Successful and effective quality management starts with top management and articulates through to site, addressing all unique facets of a project or installation.

Practice through experience is critical to producing effective and usable quality management systems. Our quality systems have evolved from years of hydraulic contracting experience through all levels of both site and office-based management, providing assurance that all risk related items have been considered and addressed. Our QA team creates project specific manuals that address project performance, local authority and code requirements, as well as integration of manufacturer installation and warranty upkeep obligations.

Materials selection is of upmost importance nowadays, with innovation and the constant influx of new materials hitting the market. We pride ourselves on our material selection processes, which consider both capital savings for aproject and product longevity for the end user. We would never compromise our systems by installing inferior products that are either non-compliant or not fit for purpose, a strong statement we stand by and a core value of our business.

TQCSI Safety Certified
TQCSI Quality Certified