Hello again, and welcome to the April 2019 addition of the Connekt Plumbing blog, where we talk about everything plumbing in not only Adelaide and South Australia, but also around the nation and even the globe (we went to ISH in Germany last month, hence my global claim!)

The topic for this month is the differences between construction plumbers, service plumbers and maintenance plumbers.

So, what are the differences? Following is a basic guide to what these three core plumbing and even trade operations involve:

  • Construction plumbers or construction plumbing companies are standout different from both service and maintenance based plumbers. They are experienced in more project-based installation works, including selection of the correct materials, code compliance around installations and building systems to project plans and specifications.
  • Maintenance plumbers or plumbing companies handle the ongoing maintenance requirements of a building’s plumbing and drainage system. Maintenance plumbing can be seen as a preventative measure but can also addresses local authority testing obligations and material / equipment warranty requirements.
  • Service plumbers or plumbing companies are the people called in when something goes wrong, call out works – i.e. a burst water pipe, blocked drain or NO HOT WATER!!

Service plumbing and maintenance plumbing are very closely linked, in fact some would argue that they are pretty much the same thing, as most companies that offer maintenance plumbing also offer service or call-out too. But for the purpose of this blog I just wanted to outline the difference between these two plumbing operations.

Companies that offer all three of these services benefit from being able to offer clients a total turn key solution to their plumbing and drainage systems. This includes the initial installation – understanding the system and what is required to effectively maintain and service; maintaining the system – prior knowledge of the installation; and servicing the system – the ability to potentially diagnose issues off site or on the way too site, to effectively rectify and have the system back up in operation in potentially less time that it would take for someone that doesn’t have prior knowledge.

Now, there’s also a difference between all three of these operations when you’re talking about commercial and domestic plumbing contractors, but we won’t get into that now, something to talk about in future blogs.

Anyway, there’s my 400 words! Thanks for reading and check-in next month for our May 2019 blog!

Happy plumbing J.